Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Pineapple skin

Sketching every day is certainly very enjoyable, and is making me look at things in different ways. I thought it was about drawing the outlines, but now, especially after drawing pineapple skin, I am starting to see that if you do it that way you don't get an idea of the texture or the three-dimensional shape of things.

Also that when I tried to draw every mark and shadow and colour variation it in some ways prevents it from looking really the way it is. Perhaps because I'm not so good at it (this drawing thing) yet, but also perhaps because I'm doing something with my head that gets in the way ...I don't know.

I tried out simplifying the shapes - especially the regular ones, and ended up with something very attractive and interesting. That I can see making a very nice textile design.

So I tried out some even simpler ways of doing it. They didn't work so well, I think, and lost something of the nobbly texture - what I am thinking of as concrete-filled beanbags. Although the ones thaat look like a family of pac-man/ pac-people is quite interesting adn could be worth exploring more.

While I am enjoying this new experience and the unexpected focus on drawing, I can't help wondering when I am going to get out the needles. There's part of me that arrogantly thinks - if this is the way everyone designs art textiles, no wonder they often have a bit of a familar quality to them. How can you be original when you go about it the same way as everyone else? -  Phew. Glad I got that one out. Of course at the same time I know for sure that this is exactly why I signed up for this course, to take steps in artistic development (if that's the phrase) that I would not have worked out for myself.

I am looking forward to doing all sorts of new things and no doubt changing my mind about things repeatedly during the course.

Because that's what happens when you learn.

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