Saturday, 14 July 2012

Crayfish/ Textiles 1 Part 2 Stage 2

We stayed the night with my sister, who has a huge collection of drawings of fish all over the walls of her corridor. (Mostly by her friends, which makes it very creative-friendly). Because of this course, and the drawing every day, I had the confidence to make a copy of a Japanese drawing of a crayfish (I think), which I coloured in purple because that's her favourite colour. It has some good textures in it, especially the hard sharpness of the carapace over its thorax. I might try that out for one of my sewing exercises.

We went to a Lebanese restaurant in Bristol which, as well as having delicious food and being very child-friendly, had these fantastic lamps.

I particularly like the way it's the negative that gives the pattern, and that you can't see what that pattern is going to be by looking quickly at the lamp. And that it decorates every available surface.

This photo is from this website.

It's a lot of fun doing the first embroidery exercise using my yellow/ neutrals bags of yarns and calico. As suggested, the mind tends to wander during the relatively slow process of doing it, and so there's no difficulty knowing what the next square of stitching is going to be.

I wasn't sure why it was suggested that I have my sketchbook to hand, but now I can see that sitting doing this stimulates the imagination, and more ideas keep popping into my head, and also that looking back over it can bring up some other thoughts about what to try out.

I like the idea that each one doesn't have to be perfect, or even very attractive or interesting, because they are each try outs just to see what happens - like the drawn patterns in the first exercise.

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