Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Creating Sketchbooks for Embroiderers and Textile Artists - Katy Greenlees 2005 London

The beautiful required reading book about Sketchbooks arrived today. It truly is an inspirational book, and just flicking through it broadens my understanding of what sketchbooks are for.

The introduction suggests that the word sketchbook may be restricting, which I think it has been a little for me. I have been sticking interesting bits and pieces in elsewhere, and keeping my sketchbook mainly for drawings. This book and suggests some alternatives - I like 'visual diary' and 'workbook'. Visual diary implies it's a record but not necessarily in writing, and that the stuff in it may or may not be useful in future. Workbook emphasises the design work aspect of it, and for me that it has more practical things in it, like measurements as well as experiments.

The first chapter is about the purposes of a sketchbook, and I can see that while I have been doing most of these things I have not put them all in one place in the way they seem to suggest. With the result that it isn't easy to store them all together.

Also that the sketchbook I chose for practicality's sake is way too small for this purpose, but still perfect for leaving in my handbag so I can get at it whenever I want to jot something down. But I think I'm going to have to start taking pages out of it and sticking them into a much bigger paged book eg A3. Which will allow me space around it to expand / compare / explore etc.

The other thing I have done as a result of reading this first chapter, is to write one of the purpose words on each page of my sketchbook to get my head straight as to the creative variety it can be used for.

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