Thursday, 5 July 2012

Only commute

I took the long way home from work on my bike so I could get some more photos for my resources box. I am so used to scooting right past things, however intriguing or beautiful, that I initially found I was strangely resistant to stopping and getting my camera out.

As I went along I found there was more and more of interest along my suburban road home. And I appreciated the journey I make so regularly in a way I haven't really done before. Of course I have never agreed with the people who wish they could just cover their eyes and ears and be in suspended animation all the way to work, but today I understood some of the excitement and sensual pleasure I have been shutting out by thinking about work or, dare I say it, being run over by a bus, rather than truly looking at my surroundings. And I arrived home with gratitude in my heart at my luck at being able to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

In the end I was stopping so often to record textures or reflections, that I had to call a halt or I was going to be late for my next commitment.

Here are some of the images I brought home.

And I also brought home a determination to keep my eyes and heart open in future.

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