Monday, 12 October 2015

Landscape - cloud drawings

Exercise 1: Cloud formations and tone

Ok, so I took a long time to get round to this one, because I was daunted at the very thought of trying to draw clouds. And some days there didn't seem to be any. Or the whole sky was grey and flat! But that was of course just an excuse and in the end I went out to Brockwell Park and found some good ones.

 This was looking down a hill at some looming grey clouds in a pile on top of each other.

I tried using a combination of charcoal, graphite and eraser. I didn't make the shapes distinct enough.

For this one, I noticed that the colours were not just grey and white, but that there was a more creamy colour in the mix, and I used chalk to put those parts in.

Again, it's a bit vague-looking, but more like the real thing.

 I noticed this cloud that looked as if it had lacy edges. I think my shaping of the cloud was a bit more successful on this one. I tried putting the lacy edging on but it came out very much larger than it was in real life. The lines of pale grey cloud around it were there, but there was more graduation of tone.

This sketch is of the clouds as well, but shows a bit of the horizon too as it had some interesting shapes. It was a little hazy, as it is in the sketch, but yet again I have not managed to employ a wide enough range of tone.

This one was done on a different day, from the window of a train on a very wet grey day. You can see the blue right at the bottom in the only place where the sky was visible.

I was quite pleased with the way this one feels heavy and grey, and the diagonal shapes in the cloud.

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