Thursday, 29 October 2015

Landscape Research Point continued...

Some landscapes from early 20th Century which explore very different ways of painting landscape.

Paul Klee Landscape with sunset 1923

Flat, shapes and colours

Klee Station L112

What would happen if I tried simplifying all into shapes and colours like this?

Georgia O'Keefe Lake George - Autumn 1922
Vilcek collection

The trees are very strongly rounded - sensual.
Try overdoing it like this

Greyed colours show the low light

Oscar Bluemner No. 6 Valley 
Simplified shapes again, this time curved.
Oscar Bluemner No.3 Port beacon from Vilcek collection

Oscar Bluemner Port Amboy West (Tottenville)

Emphasis on the geometric, with the tones and colours secondary. Try it!

Stanley Spencer Landscape in North Wales

Detail definitely secondary to 3D shapes provided by tone contrasts.

Stanley Spencer Cookham Flowers in a Window

Detail is important but hasn't overcome the shapes of the roofs and hedges.

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