Sunday, 25 October 2015

Landscape - drawings

A walk in the park

Charcoal and pale grey conte crayon in sketchbook.
Looking at it now I can see that there needs to be more of a middle tone behind the trees and sign.
Also that there should be at least one person or dog!
A little house hidden behind huge bushes. I am drawn to these kind of scenes,
where you are pulled in to something half hidden.
The difficulty with this one was differentiating the highly textured bushes from the house,
which was quite well hidden behind and between them. Also that the tone of the bushes was had to get right.
Someone I know was jogging and spotted me and I didn't manage to keep going for much longer with an audience.

I enjoy looking at this view because of the feeling of space. It's difficult to believe it's in the middle of London.
The paths across the grass cut it almost geometrically, taking into account the undulating shape of the ground.
In the distance, the detail isn't obvious, and I made a note that I don't have to know what's actually there, just what the tone changes are.Aware that there is more detail in the foreground because of the grass and dead leaves at the edge of the path I'm sitting on, but I didn't think of drawing them in at the time.

This one was done as it got dark, in a little courtyard between two buildings.
There was a lot of contrast between the darkness of the tree and the light coming
from the windows. I used a charcoal pencil and a B pencil, and a rubber.
I'm pleased with the way the leaves on the ground came out,
and that the perspective is not too far off.

Sketchbook variations exploring tone and colour
Lake with ducks - tone only, using black and silver pencils on white paper

Lake with ducks using temperature of colour only
The green was a little darker than the blue which complicated matters.
Putting in the yellow showed the highlights which were not in my 'tone' sketch above.
Lake with ducks using tone and mark as suggested by tutor.
Lost a bit of tone with the detail again, especially at the edge of the water.
Enjoyed doing the water this way. Could try doing clouds like this too.

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