Monday, 19 October 2015

Landscape 360 degree sketches

The idea was to sit in one place, and do 4 sketches, turning a quarter of the way round a circle each 15 minutes so as to have a completely different view. This also has the advantage of showing you, as it did me, that you don't have to deliberately pick a view in order to be able to get a reasonable composition - because you get to chose where the edges of the picture are.

I was in Cheltenham and found a bench on the footpath between the station and the town centre which had reasonably open views on all sides.

This one of tree and railings took me a bit more than 15 minutes
because I got caught up with the detail of the tree.
I used charcoal, graphite, and grey conte crayon, and the white of the paper.
The way natural things appear between railings is appealing, and
I wonder if I could use that as a pattern for something.

This one of a streetlight looks now as if there is snow on the ground, but it was grass. I didn't quite know how to show the grass and the leaves fallen onto it other than with small shadows like I did over to the left under the bushes there. I can see now that I got the perspective wrong in the right half, and that I forgot about some of the tree trunks. And the man walking is far too large! 

The third 15 minute sketch was of an interesting curve in the path,
but was brought to a sudden end by a downpour.

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