Sunday, 25 May 2014

Presenting my samplers

Now the issue of how to present all these samplers to my tutor so that she can try them  up against the light. So sticking them into a sketchbook is out of the question. (Although I've sadly already done that with the first two).

I decided that they need to be able to be held together in a kind of book, but to still be removable when needed. I also like the idea of having them attached to each other by various kinds of holey or translucent fabric so that this can also be held against the light with them.

My solution is to make join pairs of samples together into strips, which can then all be held in a 'book' using a bulldog clip. Which can double as a holder when they need to be looked at.

Here are some photos I took of the strips being held up against the window together to see the effects that created. Of course there are lots of other combinations!

The last sample I made used the shadows coming through it to conceal or reveal parts of my face below. It needed to be suspended away from the face to do this, so I have mounted it and the picture of my face on the two faces of a simple frame.

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