Friday, 4 April 2014

Conceal/reveal images: Reflections

This is a photo I took in the courtyard of the British Museum, showing reflections of the geometric glass roof from distorted glass in the windows. In itself it only really has the distorted regular shape to recommend it, but could be the beginning of something.

This is a window reflection in Monks Orchard Road,
showing the effect of double glazing on reflections I think. As soon as I saw it I recognised
a thousand textile art cliches! But then, there's a reason why they are cliches (ie that they
are appealing and intriguing and immediately make you want to try it out). I think this
could be interesting as a starting point for this assignment, because it has reflections,
shadows, contrasts, and layers, and some colour interest.

This was reflected in a curved
glass door in Holborn

This puddle reflection has texture change, shape,
and movement. And strange spots of colour in
the tarmac. I like the small size of the puddle and flatness of the
background contrasting with the huge tree. 

This is not an unusual sight - changes in reflectiveness of the pond in my local park.
This is not unlike the image I chose to make a weaving of last year, in that there is subtle variation and regularity. 

This photo was taken in the same part, of reflections off the top rail of the railings, with raindrops falling.
It was surprising to me how sharp the reflected leaves are in this photo. It makes the blurring well contrasted.
Could the leaves be printed onto translucent fabric and then blurred with heat?  

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