Friday, 1 February 2013

Sound Waves

Images of sound waves from the internet.

Digital sound from
This is rather 30s and huge, like a stage set.
Black lines on irridescent colour.

An image of the sound coming out of a loud speaker.
This one looks like the waves in the transparent wing
in one of the cicada images. Looks somehow wet too.
The interference shapes are interesting as well
 - something to work on in the theme book.

Sound waves, from Kirraweehighphysics.wordpress
The spikiness relates to how I think about high pitched
sounds, but not how they feel so much.
The several different shades of similar colour works
to make it clear that this is a complex sound.

Sound waves from
The blurred edges and patterns within patterns make this more interesting to look at.
For some theme book work.

Cover of The Silver Album by The December Sound
This image has a very white noise quality to me, and lots of texture. These parallel but not quite identical linear images are very appealing to me. I'm wondering if I can use something like this, or make something similar in 3D by folding fabric. Perhaps something like italian smocking could be a starting point.

From Wikicommons:

From wikicommons:
Although this one is a diagram, there is something appealing and potentially more useful about the proportions ie the distances between the lines vs the sizes of the waves. It also shows the effect of having spots along the lines - I'm thinking fewer and more interesting might be better for my purposes. 

The wave form of a chord with 3 notes.
I like the regular/irregular repeating pattern. Reminds me of the regular sleep/ wake cycle of the cicada.
Something more to explore in the theme book.

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