Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Part 4: Colour matching

This photograph is from a Sunday supplement. It seems to be a reference to grand still lives from a bygone era. It has rich colours and interesting texture in the breast feathers of the game birds. My biggest difficulty was matching the violet colour. Interestingly, when looking more closely it appears that there is actually no violet, but adjacent pale blue and pink feathers. I tried to match both these and the pale purple I see as well. 

This is the section I chose to colour match. (The colours here are not accurate)

I found it much easier to match the colours with yarn, than to mix them with paint. The most difficult in this case ws the pale blue. It turned out that this twisted combination of pale blue and off-white that I pulled from some tweed gives the closest match.
And I enjoyed choosing yarns with the right texture -  in this case often subtly shiny ones like silk or plastic.
The darker brown feathers looked less shiny and more fluffy to me and this seemed to require felted wool.
This has taken longer than I expected because of the need to do it in natural light. It is going to be another week before I will be able to do more of it, so I will get on with some reading, and build myself a loom, in the time being.

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