Saturday, 22 December 2012

Project 6 Stage 2 Developing designs

Developing design ideas from the images:

1. From the water photo

Pencil drawing of the negative shapes in the water photo

Cropped and slightly enhanced version of drawing -
on iphoto

Squashed to give a different pattern
I think this one looks a bit 50s
Tiled on picmonkey
I turned the image upside down and alternated it with the

This one was stretched and shows an extra feature of the spots and curves, as well as more satisfying diagonals.

2. From the fish oil impressions

Fish oil shapes

I liked the way these shapes were in relation to each other, and the textures they made, and the translucence of both them and the sprinkle over the right hand side.

Altered using GMP

I did some alterations to them on the programme called GMP.

I was going to rearrange them like the shapes above, but while I was working on them I thought that what I actually wanted to do was explore the inner colours and textures a bit more.

3. From roots picture

Pencil drawing of roots inspired by
photo of tree fern. I think it has
the dark mystery in it that roots can have.
An attempt to capture the contrasts of shapes and textures.

Picmonkey collage using drawing.
This is too regular to represent the tree fern itself, but looked interesting.

4. From waterlily leaf

I like the clear edges of the shapes combined with the clear colours.
I made a stamp out of formy. 

Then I tried the stamped shapes in a more geometric pattern
and a better contrasting background colour,
and it ended up looking like buildings on the side of a steep hill.

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