Saturday, 15 December 2012

Project 6 Manipulating Fabric

STAGE 1: Preparation
I collected together my samples of various groups of fabrics. The ones I had found as a result of the research, and others that I had in my cupboard that were in the same groups.

Shiny, sparkly & metallic fabrics

Translucent fabrics

Cut out & lace fabrics

Black fabrics of various fibre content

Stretch fabrics

Textured natural colour
upholstery fabrics


STAGE 2: Developing Ideas

Here are some of the images that I picked out to choose from for this project. I don't know yet whether these images are going to be useful ones for this purpose, but they all appeal to me in one way or another and make me want to experiment.
Light on the water of the swimming pool
There is a lot of movement in this,
just from the changes in shade of blue.

The colour impressions left by fish on the grill pan,
and the delicate reflections from the grease that look like splashes

The pattern made by my paint roller on black cotton
It reminds me of a Durer print because of its almost-parallel
wavy lines so close together.

The top of a postbox
I like the flakedness of it, and the changes in colour.
Paint I stripped from my hall walls.
I may like this just because of the unexpectedness
of the long parallel holes.
I'll have to think about this one.
Giant waterlilies at Kew.
It's the regular ridges on a translucent
 leaf with a clear firm shape.

A middle-eastern bee hive.
I think this is a good shape and interesting pattern.
Perhaps a close up of the wax would be good as a starting point.

Trunk of a tree fern in Kew Gardens.
I like the contrast between the strong
triangles and the tangled strings.

Obviously there are too many here for me to work on them all.
The next step is to start trying out variations of one or two of them
to see what patterns come out.

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