Friday, 28 December 2012

Project 6 Stage 2 continued

The next part of this project involved playing with layers of fabric, to see what works together, and relate it to the designs in the earlier stage.

I found this stage a little difficult to get started on, probably because it was so open to interpretation I didn't know where to start. Of course, like previous exercises, once I started it had its own momentum because of the feeling of the fabrics and the interesting combinations and effects they made together. None of them particularly beautiful at this stage, but most of them with potential.

The fish oil design was all about the texture
and its being confined to the geometric shapes.
I'm not sure it works as eye candy, but the textures I got from pulling
threads out of polyester voile was interesting and quite good for this one.

This one relates to a drawing of a gingko fruit in my sketchbook.
I thought of it as soon as I saw what a rectangle of organdie
looks like a little crumpled up. I think the soft surface of the new neon fabric
is a good contrast to it. The texture to the right is the netting from my Christmas tree.

This was me exploring striped fabrics. I like the way the run in the tights
material looks when its overlaid on the string vest fabric on the shiny black.

A few more explorations.
The one on the left is different heavy woven fabrics in strips, relating to the curl of stripped paint.
Top right - I pulled only black threads out of the woven black and white fabric to make it darker on the bottom. And folded the chiffon to do the same on the right. Bottom right I pulled some threads out of the green to let the bright red of the shapes to show through, but it's not quite as visible as I'd hoped.

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