Thursday, 5 January 2017

Composition Research Point

Tacita Dean (from
Fatigues (E) 2012
Chalk on blackboard

Detail from Fatigues (E), showing that the written annotations are date and time, and an arrow saying 'direction' - not sure whether it says 'narrative direction', and it seems to have been written above and rubbed out.

Quatermary 2014
5 framed photogravures in 10 parts on Somerset white satin 400gr
239.5cmx709cm (total size)
Work that is not obviously landscape has included films of a series of blackboard images, or of a butterfly on a wall. Film is often there in her work either as a medium or as a way of looking at something that includes the idea of time. Eg Quatermary - the intricately detailed landscape seems to be divided up into a series of stills, making one aware of the imposition of structure (perhaps time, perhaps something else) from the viewer on the natural shapes. Why print it on satin? I don't know - perhaps to give it a smoother texture than paper or canvas?

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