Sunday, 5 June 2016

Patterns of leaves

Sketchbook: I spotted a particularly lovely leaf, and tried out some ways of repeating it to see how they looked.

The circle on the right, or should I say circlet, made me think of Maypole dances and Pan.

The left one just looks wavy and random.

This overlapping pattern appeals. Why? It has a lot of movement in it. It is a bit like bunches of grapes hanging heavily on the vine. Growth, fruit, sweet earth, the attraction of ivy.

The ones pointing right look odd to me. Cartoon spikes, but not quite.

 I think this interlocking pattern on the left might be rather attractive as a whole big pattern. Like Prince of Wales/ dogtooth pattern in a way. Woven look. 

The right one would make an interesting border but not on it's own.

 These three are Pattern-Ground reversed giving patterns of squares of table wood. Again, might look good as a whole piece, but not specially interesting.

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