Thursday, 30 October 2014


Thinking about the surface layer of this assignment piece has got me thinking about the meaning of the gashes, and reminded me of Roseanne Hawksley's sewn wounds. There was also a deceptively simple piece in an amateur show in Bristol last year which had some of the same imagery. And another piece at the PRISM show earlier this year.

Roseanne Hawksley's painful repairs

All these are making me wonder if I can't use some representation of skin as the surface layer, and have the slit or slits cutting into that, as a development of my train tunnel into belly photo.

Freckled skin might be interesting to print onto fabric.

One of my samplers from
the first part of
'Exploring Ideas' 

Underfabric with printed organza overlaid.

The edge of the printing, showing the texture it adds.

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