Thursday, 9 October 2014

Next stage of designing

Pulling threads to make an image

I pulled out some fabrics in the range of 'golden light' colours which would either allow the light through or reflect it.

The pile on the left is what I found.

The grey chiffon is clearly not in the colour range and was removed after this photo.

I used the A4 drawing of cork tree bark as my template and used it to cut threads in the layers of fabric, starting with the palest chiffon

Palest pink satin underneath

Light behind

I tried to work out a patter for each layer that would give
a final arrangement like the cork bark, with areas of greater
depth and areas with closer lines. This is at layer 3.
This is one of the more translucent layers against
a window. This made me think again about
what imagery might be meaningful for this piece.

Close-up of the next layer in
The light coming trhough from behind gives it an attractive glow, and shows the variety of colour achieved, but also reveals that I could have
paid more attention to the detail of the pattern when designing it.

Pinboard showing that this sample reflected the image of cork bark, but that it needed some oversewing to get the detail. (Some difficulties getting a photo that shows the structure without the flash light being reflected from the surface so much that it confuses the image. )

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