Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Surrounds and repeats

These are photos of splits in paint on a wall. The shapes are interesting and could work as the way into something interesting underneath. They were all taken with a flash, and in fact I was more interested in what it looked like without. So I took a photo without and this is what it looked like:

Split paint without flash

This one allows you to see the complexity of the light, colour and marks on this paint, which makes it not only more interesting in itself, but also draws the eye to what is behind.

I played around with this image a bit, to explore the effects of different colour combinations behind, and repeating patterns.

 These images have the split paint in the foreground, and parallel lines in the two colourways behind.

The golden light colour combination works better with this idea. While the colour change and curved shape around the splits intensifies the relationship between foreground and background, the foreground is rather flat, uninteresting, and unmeaningful. I keep coming back to the surface texture of the melon, with flat lines almost like tapes around the more textured indentations.
Regular pattern of slits. 

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