Saturday, 2 August 2014

Exploring Ideas - reviewing my work so far

The first step of the final assignment is to review what I've done so far in 'Exploring ideas'.
This included my sketchbook work, course work, samples. I went through and picked out anything that made me want to explore more. I ended up with a lot of images! Some of them were images I have not yet worked on, and some were the outcome of several stages of sketchbook work and exploration.

What struck me first was that most of them were highly textured, but without much colour work. In fact the coloured ones stood out as different. Then that there were several repeated themes (all my photos):

1. Organic parallel lines. IE lines which would have been parallel to each other only there were little variations because they were made by living things.

Branch shadows on a tent flap
2. Identity containers, curved or spherical

Sketchbook drawing
of the bark of a cork
3. Complex clefts. These seem to be related to identity as well.

4. Repeating ovals with light changes on their surfaces.
Lizard skin

5. Exploring what darkness looks like.
Patterns made by street-
light coming through old
glass into a dark room

Cleft and organic parallels
and darkness
Thinking about where to go for this assignment, I also noticed that I have already done some work on combining some of these themes.
Cleft and parallels
Repeat ovals
complex clefts
+ parallels

Identity container
plus parallels
Identity container
plus darkness
Oval repeat plus cleft
plus parallels
Darkness, cleft and
organic parallels

Bleach bubbles -
repeating ovals plus
 So where does that leave me?
I don't want to leave any of it behind.
And almost any of these images would have enough to do on for a long time. 
And many of them I don't want to leave behind, but I have to pick something. 

So I'm going to use these 2 images as my source material for this assignment

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