Thursday, 20 February 2014

More scaffolding

This is what it looked like when I did the 3 layers of scaffolding with the screen I prepared earlier:

The colours were chosen to give the contrast between the eye-popping green and the soft grey of the poles. The green is close, but not quite blue enough here.

I found it difficult to judge where to put the blocks in relation to each other.  You can see that the lines are not quite aligned. and the blocks to not lead on from each other but leave a gap between.

You can just see the last block which only has 2 layers.

This was a more successful print, in that the colour was better, and the joins are less apparent.

I like the way Payne's Grey looks when diluted - a lovely subtle blue grey.

 You can see that I tried graduating the intensity of it for the left hand column, which is interesting and could be useful, but unfortunately turned out a little blotchy initially.

The pink showed through a bit more than I intended here, and I think in fact should be a little darker.

What happened to the screen:

Ah, learning by experience is so much more effective than reading other peoples' advice. 
My screen was ruined by my taking so long over this, and not being careful to add screenprinting medium every time. 
So I used the screen to make some prints:

The screen block for this print was the glue left over after I took the stencil off.
The shadows above were contact prints from the screen afterwards.
I think it looks very attractive, and the grey gives it an antique look which I could use some day.

Finally, I printed some more of the 'shadows' onto reclaimed cotton sheeting, and drew the scaffolding pole lines onto it with a sewing machine, using varied thickness and colour of thread to see which worked best.

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