Sunday, 19 January 2014

Composition squares from all I've done so far

I don't know what the technical term may be (if there is one), but when I was doing Textiles 1: A creative approach, I found that picking out squares of images I had done for their composition was very useful in taking the process forward.

I have gone through my workbook with a couple of sizes of card squares and found these....

Of these, the ones that appeal most are....

It's the colours and light that work for this one.

Not sure how I would translate this into a screenprint.

I'm used to deciding the technique I'm going to use AFTER deciding on what it should look like, so doing it this way round is different, and I'm not sure it will work so well.

Have to work on it a bit and try some things if I choose this one.

This detail of the hallway photo in the dark appeals to me a lot, and this composition with only part of the rectangle of light at the top is interesting. I'm not at all sure how to get that blurred effect with spots of different colours using screenprinting - perhaps with literally spots of primary colours, greyed out, on different layers. Sounds a bit daunting but would be amazing if I managed it.

Rather blurry photo doesn't do it justice, but this appeals for the same reasons as the original scaffolding photo, but with the additional interest of the lines at either edge of the poles and the diagonals.

There's potential for interesting pattern repeats from rotating this around the four sides.

I'm wondering about trying out something like this in tapestry weaving. A bit like the woven pattern in the El Dorado exhibition at the British Museum.

As above, better as edging than a whole image.

This one would need less time to develop, which is a consideration now that I'm nearly at my allotted deadline.

It is dawning on me that I'm going to have to extend it. Again.

What made me think that any new job would be less demanding that the old one?! (It is, once I'm used to it, but that takes time).

 I think this could look very interesting if I used different colours as well as different tones.

Again needs sketchbook work to develop it further before using it.

Could look interesting as a repeat pattern or border.

This one gives me a good feeling that it could turn into something great.

I like the layered look like peeling paint. But it is probably more suitable for applique or something else.

The extra random bits of pattern and variations in the paint and texture that turn up with screenprinting (at least the way I do it!) are interesting and these lines seem to accentuate these effects.

This square has lots of interest and contrast and some texture. I could enjoy working with it.

This last one is appealing, but actually rather simple and therefore not so itneresting to work with.

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