Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Alexander McQueen

Spine Corset 'Untitled'
S/S 1998

Spines are weird and fascinating in themselves.
See C de Moncheaux

Today I was surfing and found myself at the Met Museum page about Savage Beauty - about the work of Alexander McQueen.

A/W 200-1
Yellow glass beads and horsehair skirt

The way this looks like lichen on an old tree.
You can imaging the different and interesting attractive way this skirt might move.

These pictures are all of clothes designed by him which caught my attention.

It's a jungle out there ensemble
A/W 1997
Brown leather, bleached linen, taxidermy crocodile

The bubble effect is weird and different.
In fact the whole thing is different in a very creative human way.

I am fascinated by the 'dark romantic' side of them, that is slightly creepy at the same time as being beautiful. 

Voss ensemble
S/S 2001
Oyster shells
Silk coat from Japanese screen print

Oysters are beautiful and weird in the way that many of McQueen's clothes are.

And by their use of natural materials which work, but are not usually associated with clothes.

Oyster dress
S/S 2003

It's the fantastic layers and layers of fragile fabric in the skirt that attracts me. You can practically feel that it would be just like touching an oyster shell only warmer and softer.

And by the way he was able to produce effects that I have tried and so far failed at.

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