Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Textiles 1 Project 4 Stage 1

This section is about arranging points of interest in space.

Exercise 1:
The first part involves placing small black squares on bigger white ones in arrangements with or without tension. And then drawing lines for similar effect.
I didn't find any difficulty in doing this, so thought I might be missing something!
I went through some magazines and found some pictures which appeared to have particularly pleasing or interesting arrangements of elements, and stuck them into my sketchbook.
I read up about composition on wikipedia, which led me to some information about the golden ratio, and I worked out which of the pictures I had picked had that ratio.
I also had a postcard with 20 tile designs by a William Morris era painter, and worked out what the arrangement was for each of them, and what the result was.

What I learned from all this is that there are some arrangements which almost always work to produce tension or movement, and some that almost always remove it. And that points of interest or attention include faces, more intense areas of colour or light, and textures that are not elsewhere.

Exercise 2:
This starts with finding 5x5cm areas of pictures that have an interesting arrangement of elements.

These are from an Oxfam card.

The white wobbly lines of light make
a great pattern.
These 2 are from 'Flight of the mouse-eared bat'
by Carsten Braun

Perhaps the attention is taken too far
into the corner by the brightness.

Photo I took of a shell

Although this arrangement is
a bit more pleasing,
the whole thing is a bit flat.
These 2 are from a photo in
How to Spend It June 2012

I like the way the lines are almost
parallel and the darkness increases
to the right

These are from 

I like the way the curved bits
draw attention

I like the way the negative space
comes out strongly on this one
from the lining, and from the
Marc Jacobs jacket S/S 2012
from Vogue Magazine

Doing this exercise shows me
how much marketing and
advertising material takes these
considerations into account.


These 2 from
Malcesine on the Garda Lake
Gustav Klimt

Not sure about the slightly
diagonal line here.

More difficult to see just the
arrangement when the patterns
make sense

Having a bit of trouble putting so many photos on this page.
I think I'll do the next part when I've done the rest of the exercises in Stage 5.

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