Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Kew Gardens

I took my camera to Kew Gardens today and found a lot of new ineresting textures there. I've put a few of them here which particularly made me look closer.
This was a thistle plant on the bank of the Thames before we even got to Kew Gardens!
I like the signs of stickiness in the middle, the way the white lines are arranged there, the yellowness on the edges, and the brightness and sharpness of the green spikes. Could I use this roundness and spikiness somewhere?

This was a tree trunk that reminded me of the ridges in the sand at Camber. I keep liking these kinds of textures. I should try out different ways of making them.

The bark of a cork tree has great rips in it, like the incredible hulk is about to burst out. I wonder if I could use this bark as the shell surrounding something hidden.

Monkey puzzle tree - this was just amazing once I got close enough to see the details. Layer on layer of succulent triangles packed on top of each other.

From the palm house, branched fronds, and orange stripes on the trunk.

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