Thursday, 16 August 2012

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christina rogers
to Charlotte
Dear Charlotte

1. I have reached the end of 6 weeks and the eve of my holiday and I
have a couple more things to do before sending things off to you. So I
am writing to tell you to expect my Assignment 1 package to arrive on
or before 3rd September. Thank you for the flexibility.

2. Would it be possible to get a letter from you confirming that I am
enrolled on this course and would benefit from access to an art school
library to pursue my studies? I am hoping that would allow me to get a
readers ticket.

3. A different sort of question - Are you aware of any textile artist
who is particularly known for using transparent materials?

I hope you enjoy your holiday,
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11 days ago
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Charlotte Grierson
to me
Dear Christina
Attached is a letter from me confirming that I am tutoring you on this course.  I don't have access to OCA letterhead paper.  If the letter I have attached is not sufficient I suggest you contact OCA and get them to send you a letter on headed paper.  Probably Adele Fitzpatrick or Debbie Hodson would be the people to contact.  

In relation to transparent materials, there is a book by Dawn Thorne called 'Transparency in Textiles' which would be a good place to start.  I know I have seen the book and from memory it is of the inspirational sort containing a range of artists who work in transparency.  This would be a good place to start.  Dawn has a website with a limited amount of information but there is also this website that has artists listed in connection with the book.  I think not all are working in transparency but again a good place to start.

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