Thursday, 9 April 2015

Reflecting on the course so far

I have been thinking about how I have been working on this course (or not, as for the last few weeks). I have stalled in the middle of sketching my fish. I think I have got caught up in the idea that there is a drawing way to do things that is different and mysterious to me. I have been finding it difficult to use my sketchbook freely for experimentation, in the way I used to when I was doing a textile course. I think this is because I was trying to use it in the way I thought a drawing person would use it, rather than in my usual naturally-following-my-own-path way. This obviously hasn't been working for me, and with good reason - I'm doing this course to explore my interest and inspiration not anyone else's!

I remember my tutor telling me to do exactly that at the beginning, but it's only now that I have tried bending my process to the way I thought it should be and failed, that I get it.

So now I'm back using my sketchbook the way it works for me, relieved and excited again. And starting again on the animals project, using ducks because I find their texture and shapes and characters so much more inspiring than my little fish.

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