Thursday, 12 February 2015

Submitting Assignment One again

Assignment One drawing

Additional Reflection (to be read with original reflection on assignment one dated 11th December):

This drawing is very different to the one I did the first time I drew these objects, in December. Working on them in the way I now have has led me to think much more about composition, but it has also allowed me an opportunity to put more of myself into the drawing - by using collage, colour and emphasising the parts that are most interesting to me. In this case the hairy scary troll foot and the yellow simplicity of the chair.

What I could do better if I spent more time on it - taking the crinkles out of the paper - they reflect the light and cast shadows that interfere with the image. It's a bit of a shame to take the colour and reflections out of the copper spiky candle holder, but I thought that would detract from the 'story' element of the drawing. I might use the candle holder in another picture, and if I were doing this one again I would take it off the chair and perhaps have something with a simpler shape instead.

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