Saturday, 29 November 2014

Project 1 Feeling and Expression

Exercise 1: Expressive Lines and Marks

Sharp, hard, messy, explosive, directional, personal, painful, hot, dark
Big paper = Big expression
Pressing hard, long sweeping lines
Different materials  led to expression of different styles and details of the feeling eg graphite pencil wasn't as dark as conte crayon so looked less intense, but ink allows a wider range of intensity than either.

Floaty, watery, quiet, smooth, breath, surface, stable, subtle
I found myself wanting to make some of the images even smoother so used my fingers to do this for the top right image. This one turned out to be representational, although I hadn't meant it to be. I think the calmest is the regular circles, if only because they are predictable. Top left is not really calm at all!

Spikey, trembly uncertain, fading out, shrinking, self-critical, withdrawing, all pervading cracks.
 I thought the top right one was the most successful in conveying the feeling of anxiety. And it also reminds me a bit of the repetitive and sometimes enigmatic shapes in Klee landscapes.
The top left one is the kind of strung-out anxiety you feel when it goes on for so long that nothing else can get a foot hold in your head.
This was fun, which made it a bit tricky to keep feeling anxiety! 

Bubbly irrepressible fizzing, embracing, radiant, piercing, contagious
Well, this one really shows that I was having trouble getting into this particular mood state. I left it to the end, and then found that whatever I drew didn't quite express it. I think the springy one on the bottom left is the most joyful. I was feeling that kindergarten feeling again at that point. The bottom right one is more like a virus or seed and interesting but rather too disturbing and spikey to be joyful I think. 

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