Friday, 6 June 2014

Assignment Three Tutor Feedback

Open College of the Arts
Tutor report 

Student name
Christina Rogers
Student number 
Textiles 1: Exploring Ideas
Assignment number 

Overall Comments
Christina this assignment has been a pleasure to explore, you have presented the work with care and thought.  The sample pieces are experimental and reflect your exploration of the materials and your visual research.  You have included some nice sketching along with collage and photography to investigate your subject matter. The online log is interesting and easy to navigate.

Feedback on assignment 
You appear to have followed the course material in a thoughtful and active manner.  Using it to encourage your ideas and develop new skills.  Through recording your thoughts and ideas online and in your small sketchbook you have developed, sifted and sorted ideas.  This has led to some experimental and in some cases rather beautiful samples.  There is thought to placement, colour and texture.  Yet you are comfortable with risk taking and the possibility of failure.  I do like your note in the small sketchbook which says “You don’t have to do what other people think looks good!” This attitude releases you from self-consciousness and allows you freedom to explore all possibilities.

I would suggest you continue to use photography as your main source of primary research, possibly building up a library of images you can access and work from.  I really like how you projected the tunnel image on to your own belly but this piece would have been much stronger if the photograph had been your own.  Keep looking for new angles and ways of capturing what you see.

The drawings you have sent me consist of both pencil work and collage.  Your visual skills are very competent, working both creatively and imaginatively. There is evidence that you use drawing to explore ideas developed from visual research and your own primary research.  

I would suggest you continue to draw regularly, using your research to inspire new ways of looking and recording what you see.  Don’t forget to use other mediums including stitch and paper folding to trigger ideas.

Learning Logs or Blogs 
Your Blog is well laid out with a balance of your work and research along with annotation and reflection.  The written work where you are exploring how the assignment is going is very informative and will assist you in working through your ideas.  Well done for being brave and including images of yourself.  This and your honest annotation indicate to me that you as a person are at the heart of your creativity.  Therefore you will create work that is personal, dynamic and interesting.   

I suggest you continue to discuss your work in an open manner, exploring both feelings and ideas.  I would suggest you elaborate more on your thoughts of the work designed by other people.  Try and pin point what it is that interests you.  This can be a positive or negative feeling.  It can be about shape, texture, scale, colour, placement, environment, light, etc.  Your thoughts may be about vibrancy, drabness, discomfort, shock, warmth, calmness, etc. This will encourage you to develop a language in which to discuss the visual world and therefore inform your work.

Pointers for the next assignment
  • Continue to work with care and imagination when creating samples.
  • Maintain an interest in other designers and makers.
  • Build on your skills in drawing and sketching.
  • Use photography to capture what you see and inspire your work.
  • Develop your language when discussing yours and other peoples work in you Blog.

Well done Christina, I look forward to your next assignment.

Tutor name: 
Rebecca Fairley
5th June 2014
Next assignment due
4th August

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