Tuesday, 5 March 2013

One more try

After making the orange sample, I felt as if I had somehow missed the point. I had also had something brewing in the back of my head and in my sketchbook in response to doing this section, and I think reading the book about multimedia sculpture, so when the instructions indicated making a frame and filling some of the sections, I decided to give it a try and see what happened.

Weaving experiment/ sample.
toilet roll tubes, brown paper, packing paper, crepe paper, ribbon, yarn pulled from hessian, wool and silk, carpet.
Some of the individual circles appeal to me very much - the woven nest, the gold shimmering cross and the spiral particularly. The colour of the crepe paper is too much of a contrast, I think, and doesn't really work with the rest of the more toned down colours. The movement is too confused. I think the whole thing would work better if the circles were all the same size and not squashed out of the square in the way they unfortunately are. And it is lacking an overall message. I am thinking that the nest one could be tidied up and used in a repetitive way - perhaps a lot of them papier mache'd together like the nests of martins under the eaves. The string and grey soft paper go well together for this purpose.

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