Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Textiles 1 Stage 4 Moods and colour exercise 1

Mostly bright colours, but some richer ones.
Bit of a cliche

Lots of grey in almost every colour.
Black seemed right here, and a very pale brown.

Artificial - difficult to get colours this bright by mixing paints!
Oh look, I missed the turquoise

Surprised to find that red and yellow can be dull.
(So surprised that I didn't dare add them in paint - oops)
Mainly grey - even more than for sad.

The next suggested pair was active/passive, but I wasn't really inspired by that. So I chose to do this one instead. I've been thinking about this because of some of the references to feminist ideas in The Textile Book.

Turned out surprisingly pink and pastel
The silk ribbon is a cheat because it's the texture that's female 
rather than particularly the colour.
It turned out prettier in the paints - more pastel.
I think the colours of things are quite badly distorted when
I put them on the computer - eg the blue reel of thread.

I think this one worked well. The strong colours reflecting the decisive
and not very nuanced part of me that I think of as masculine.

I'm thinking some other words that might evoke distinctive colour collections ... limpid/ mysterious, healthy/ sick; ecto-, meso- and endomorph; even sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic! Watch this space.

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